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Bamboo Insert Sets

Version 3.0 Bamboo insert sets have a snap on both ends of the insert and are functional in all current Lalabye Baby diapers. Each set contains 1 bamboo insert and 1 bamboo booster (smaller). Each one is made of 4 layers of rayon (made from bamboo); therefore, each set is made of 8 layers of thirsty material!

Benefits of using Bamboo Inserts:

  • Adds absorbency without bulk
  • Silky soft to the touch
  • Highly breathable
  • 60% more absorbent than cotton and dries 20% faster
  • Naturally antibacterial, which means no more “ammonia stink”
  • Naturally anti-allergenic, making it perfect for sensitive babies
  • Bamboo is easily cultivated and thrives without the use of fertilizers or pesticides, making it a sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable naturally “green” material.

Hemp Booster Set

Set includes TWO 3-layer hemp-cotton blend inserts that maintain flexibility and shape after washing.
Add absorbency to your diapers without the bulk.

Best when used in combination with our bamboo inserts. Simply sandwich between the insert set or behind your bamboo insert for added protection.
  • Adds absorbency without bulk
  • Great for nap time/night time/car rides
  • Does not create compression leaks the way microfiber does
  • Naturally anti-allergenic

Stay-Dry Bamboo inserts

Version 3.0 Stay-Dry Bamboo inserts have a snap on one end of the insert and are functional in all of our current diapers. Each set contains 2 stay-dry microfleece topped inserts/boosters. Each one is made of 4 layers of rayon (made from bamboo) and a top layer of microfleece (stay-dry) fabric.
  • Size small is best used for babies on the first two rise snap settings and size large is best used for babies wearing Lalabye Baby diapers opened beyond the second rise setting.
  • Fits perfectly with our NEW newborn diapers.


· Adds absorbency without bulk
· Silky soft to the touch
· Highly breathable
· 60% more absorbent than cotton and dries 20% faster
Perfect for those who like to snap their inserts on top but want the stay-dry feel or for babies with extremely sensitive skin to wetness.